Internet Marketing isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s rather simple.

You have to look good, and you have to get found.

What does that mean?


Branding your company, organization, product or service.  Your “look and feel” is consistent wherever you are on the Internet.

website that is easy to read and understand on all devices (computer, tablet and phone).

A website that is visually interesting which includes video, photos and graphics plus multiple Calls to Action.

blog and/or social media presence using platforms that cater to your demographics and interests.


First and foremost, being on the first page and at least the first two pages of the Google search, called Search Engine Optimization or SEO and having a fully optimized website.

Use videos as an SEO tool.

Using blogs and social media as a way to extend your reach on the Internet.

As a last resort, incorporating pay-per-click and other paid Internet advertising, commonly known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM.

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