Search Engine Marketing or SEM is all the paid stuff. What makes us different than a lot of other Internet Marketing firms is that

we don’t require that you spend piles of cash on Internet Marketing. In fact, we believe the higher you can get on page one of the

search engine without paying for it , called Search Engine Optimization or SEO, the better off you will be. Depending on which

study you read, between 60-80% of all click through’s on the search engines happen on SEO listings; only 20-40% happen as a

result of SEM or paid advertising. But sometimes, especially in the beginning stages of your Internet Marketing plan, you may have to

pay for for certain key words in order to get found on the search engines.


An example of Search Engine Marketing


Say you are looking for a new cookie jar. The paid ads are at the top and bottom of the page.  They are clearly marked “Ad”.  Here’s

what the search looks like for “Cookie Jars”


This is an example of Search Engine Marketing or SEM. Let Webmasters Northwest, a Seattle WA area digital / Internet marketing firm find the best way for your pay per click digital advertising.


Search Engine Marketing through Google Adwords


Since Google has the lion’s share of the search engines views, the most obvious place is to go for Search Engine Marketing is

Google Adwords for your paid marketing. The foundation of any campaign is the key words. You choose those words or phrases that

you think your potential customers/viewers will most likely search. Then we set up a Google Adwords account for you. You pay every

time someone clicks on your ad, commonly called Pay Per Click or PPC. Google Adwords is done on a bid system, so you control

the amount you pay per click as well as the total you spend per day.



There are a lot of nuances to Google Adwords.

Before you throw up your hands in despair, contact us and we’ll help you through it.